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Cincinnati West Soccer Club

Cincinnati West is proud to state that we are stable, dependable and here to stay for the soccer players on the west side of Cincinnati. Since our formation in 2003, we have an outstanding record of soccer accomplishments, club growth and a solid commitment to our role in the soccer community. As a founding member of CUSL, Cincinnati West provides our over 600 players and 40 plus teams with excellent opportunities for competition and development, with teams also competing in the Buckeye Premier League. We have a solid record of our players competing in high schools around Cincinnati in some of the best programs in the city (and state) and then placing our players in college programs around the region. Our player retention rate is incredible…… once you come to CWSC, you will stay.   WE DON’T WANT TO BE THE BIGGEST. WE WANT TO BE THE BEST AND THAT IS OUR GOAL.

Cincinnati West is big enough to provide a wide array of “big club services while still maintaining the personalized player, team and family friendly focus that is our founding philosophy. With our Director of Coaching and Club Administrator, our teams are supported by staff that is dedicated to both the on-field and off-the-field business to assure success. We provide the highest quality training opportunities through our Director of Coaching and our experienced, expert CWSC training staff which includes current and former college, high school and club coaches and players. Our training staff, club staff and coaches understand and support our Club principles of commitment, care, knowledge, and learning while following our Club Codes of Conduct.

We have our own game fields and practice facilities, maintained exclusively for CWSC. This gives us the flexibility we need to accommodate training and game schedules without compromising quality and convenience.

Our training programs and benefits to every player and team include:

our innovative Guest Training Program

  • goalkeeper training program
  • special player training series
  • standardized team training programs

And yet, while providing this comprehensive suite of soccer services, we are committed to every player and team in the club. Our players and coaches decide what level they want to play and compete -- the right to choose is real. Our staff and philosophy focus on every player and team with the knowledge that our goal is not to simply focus on the “top team alone and winning for the sake of the ”club image, but it’s to teach soccer and develop soccer players at every age and ability level, and to also use soccer as another tool in teaching young adults life lessons, team work, responsibility and preparing them for success in life.  

Additionally, we host several successful, annual tournaments that generate revenue that we use to both help offset the expenses of running a first class soccer program and for providing high quality player, team and coach training and development programs, all at a very affordable price for our players.

SO whether you are a “new to select player, in a group of players or even an entire team, or you are an experienced select soccer player considering a change, CWSC is an outstanding soccer choice for all. CWSC provides teams and training at all levels of competition and ability.

Come check out Cincinnati West Soccer Club. Join us for our club tryouts in early June and join the CWSC soccer community and family.






                                                 January 18, 2007

The Cincinnati West Soccer Club (CWSC) was formed in the winter of 2003 by merging two clubs, Delhi Soccer Club and Monfort Heights Soccer Club.  These two clubs had worked together successfully for a number of years and used the same fields for games and helped each other in a number of ways.  The CWSC incorporates teams with players from the western side of Cincinnati.  Although most players come from Delhi, Monfort Heights and White Oak, we have players from as far north as Hamilton, as far south as Kentucky and as far west as Indiana.  We play our home games at Miami Whitewater Soccer Complex on route 128.  Some teams practice there as well.  Other teams practice at other fields near the homes of the majority of players on the team.

The combination of the two clubs has many advantages include:

• Providing the resources to hire a Director of Player Development who works
   with coaches and players at all levels.        
• Providing several teams at every age group so that players can be placed on a
   team where their opportunities for improvement are maximized.
• Making trainers available for teams to assist the coaches.
• Providing a larger volunteer base, so that the club can more effectively serve
   the needs of players at all levels.

CWSC provides opportunities for the more dedicated and skilled players. This is different from recreational programs in the following ways:

• Not all players will be chosen to play.
• Players play in fall and spring, practice more and play in more tournaments than
   recreational players.             
• Players are placed with other players of like skill.
• Players are better prepared for high school soccer and beyond.
• Players may move up in level as their team improves or by trying out if their skills
   exceed those of the rest of their team.

The executive board, coaches and players invite families who are interested in excellent soccer training by coaches and trainers who love the game to allow their young players to try out for our program.