Roster Size and Rules

Roster Size and Rules

Roster sizes for Spring 2017


7v7    (U09-U10)   14 max 9 min

9v9    (U11-U12)   16 max 11 min

11v11 (U13-U14)   18 max 13 min

11v11 (U15-U20)   22 max 13 min

U15  up may include four (4) additional players on a League Guest Player Roster

Ball Size Changes at U13

U08 – U12 Size 4

U13 – U19 Size 5

No U09 or U10 or U11 on U13-up

U12 team can play U13 and up but only if no U9 – U11 players on the team.

No U07 or U08

CWSC DOC must approve any player playing up