Rescheduling Games Procedures

Rescheduling Games Procedures

From the Referee Administrator

Coaches and/or Parent Administrator,

Hello, I'm Kevin Scherer, the referee assignor for the Cincinnati West Soccer Club.  The first thing that will help me during the upcoming season is to have the correct contact information for your team.  Please send me as soon as you can the following information:

1. Team Number, Age, Gender, and Division (if known) – Ex.  G9545, U11G THIRD

2. Coaches Name, phone number, email address

3. Parent Admin Name, phone number, email address

4. League(s) you are playing in

It is very helpful to have this information when handling game reschedules and/or last minute changes that I need to quickly get in touch with one of you.

CUSL will provide your league schedules and you will have to handle all changes that need to be made/reported to CUSL about your games (reschedules, scores, etc.).  I will handle the assigning of referees to your home games (except for MRL and Buckeye games) as well as assigning the field/date/time for reschedules.  In order to make this process as efficient as possible, the following information from you would be most helpful:

1. The game number, date, time, field, your team number, opponent’s team number for the game to be rescheduled (i.e. 2123 Sun 4/19 @ 12:00 pm 97-03 G9545  G9507)

2. A couple of dates / times that you have worked out with your opponent just in case the “best” date/time is not available (i.e.  Mon 5/3 @ 6:00 or Wed 5/5 @ 6:30 or Mon 5/10 @ 6:00).

3. I need the information at least 5 days prior to the original date of the game to ensure enough time to get the field secured and the referees assigned. 

Once I have secured the field/time/date, I will email you back the information.  Please contact your opponent and confirm back to me that you both agree with the reschedule information.  If you have to cancel a game for any reason within 4 days of the scheduled (original or rescheduled) date, then you may have to pay the referees who have been assigned to that game.  I do everything I can to avoid this situation, but if the referees have been assigned and you cancel within this window, they have the right to request payment.

Finally, please feel free to contact me with any concerns/praise about the referees and/or fields.


Kevin Scherer
816 Arborrun Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45233

Work: (513) 983-5493
Cell:   (513) 235-9831