Rescheduling Game Rules

Rescheduling Game Rules

* All teams must report their Game scores by 10:00pm the night of the match.

    To do so use the CUSL web site and use the "Record a game score" function.


* Rescheduled games dates must be entered in the CUSL web site using

    the "Record a game score" function also.


* If a game is not played as scheduled you have one week to reschedule and the

    rescheduled date must be posted on the CUSL website using the "record a

    Game score" function.


*   reschedule dates / post play dates must be entered prior to the date of the

     Original match date.


*   PrePlay dates must be entered before the date they are played.


*   Rain outs must be played with in 3 weeks of the rain out date.


*   If you need to change a game date or time you must give the other team 5

     days notice (except for rainout and state cup).


*   You should notify a team as soon as possible of a schedule change. In the case of a

     tournament you should be able to notify them at least 30 days ahead of time.


For more detailed rules see Shared Responsibility in the CUSL web site navigation list.