Add A New Coach


All teams Must have 2 coaches (1 head and 1 assistant), but there is a MAX of 3 carded coaches (1 head and 2 Assistants).

Notify the administrator that you want to add/replace a  Coach.  Make sure you include the new coach's name, new coach's email, team name, head coach, and League the team plays in.

If the Coach is new to CWSC Coach (not coaching on any other CWSC team) they will need to be sent a link to complete the Player's Health Training and Background check.  The coach will have to pay $18 for the background check.

If the Coach is already registered for this soccer year or currently coaching another CWSC team, just notify the Administrator of the add.

If you are replacing one coach with another you will need to send a copy of the Coaches card cut in half (must be both sides up and readable, no glare)

Note: Once the coach is approved and the photo is uploaded the carding process can start.  It can take  A WEEK  or MORE to get your completed cards back.