CWSC Academy Elite Team Division


The purpose of creating an Elite Team Division within Cincinnati West SC is to meet the developmental needs of players that are seeking to play at the highest level. While the club has many good teams that are accomplishing great things and teams that are enjoying the game with their friends, the club recognizes the need to provide a division where exceptional players can further their development.










The Academy Elite Team Division is under the direction of our Director of Coaching


 Kevin Spraul








To ensure a consistent Academy Elite Team Division culture across the board that our players and families can count on, so that they know what to expect each and every time they see one of our AETD teams play and train. All teams playing a possession based style, coached by coaches motivated to develop players for the long term.  To empower and equip AETD coaches and teams to play winning soccer at the highest levels AS A RESULT of our attractive playing style, not in spite of it.











All Academy Elite Team Division teams will be formed with the best players that attend trials. Players from within Cincinnati West SC and players that might be new to our club are invited to attend trials. Current CWSC teams that have been approved to be in the Elite Team Division are coached by those that understand the division philosophy and will share player selection responsibilities with a committee selected by the Academy Elite Team Division Director.







Teams that are selected will be teams that meet certain requirements of this division and approved by the Academy Elite Team Division Director.  

In the fall of 2015 not all age groups or genders will have Academy Elite Division teams. Only those teams that currently play at a high level will be considered. As we move forward we hope to support at least one boys and one girls team in age group U8 through U14. One huge factor in this growth will be the club's ability to assign coaches that fit the Academy Elite Division profile. No new AETD teams will be formed unless an approved coach is in place.










Players that are interested in being selected for a CWSC Academy Elite Division team should be players that are seeking to advance in soccer through accelerated training and competition. Soccer should be high on their list as their favorite sport. Players are encouraged to play other sports. The commitment level is set by each individual team coach.  Playing on other outdoor (SAY) or indoor teams is not encouraged as this does not support consistent player development.








Only coaches that truly have a deeply rooted possession philosophy, possess the charisma to be able to execute the activities and deliver the message to the players, and have the ability to deeply connect with the players will be selected as coaches for Academy Division teams. The coaches selected for AETD teams are required to fully commit to their assignment and may only coach 2 teams within this division of the club.






It is the goal for all teams in the CWSC Academy Elite Team Division to play a possession-based, positional, attacking, attractive, and winning style of soccer. All AETD teams and coaches reflect this style of play. Players, parents, and coaches of AETD players/teams understand that this is non-negotiable. It is our belief that a possession-oriented methodology is the ONLY way to truly develop players for the LONG TERM -both technically and tactically- to meet the demands of the modern game.











The following systems of play will be implemented in the AD:

-11v11 teams will play a back 5 system. 2 center backs, 2 outside backs, and 1 pivot player (defensive midfielder)

-8v8 teams will play a 2-3-2

-6v6 teams will play a 2-2-1 or 2-1-2





All of our coaches and teams will utilize a set core of technical and tactical activities. These core activities will make up the majority of our training sessions and allow our players to experience a consistent methodology throughout their soccer careers. Our golden rule for player development is that LESS is MORE. Contrary to some clubs and coaches who parade their players through new drill after new drill, our curriculum revolves around consistency and repetition. These core activities have proven to be the essential elements to develop a true possession-oriented player.








The core curriculum activities of team training will be implemented in EVERY. SINGLE. SESSION. Every team in the AD regardless of age will be trained within the core curriculum activities. Coaches and teams in the Academy Division of CWSC will not move onto any advanced curriculum until teams are showing MASTERY of these elements and concepts consistently in actual matches. Even then, these core activities will be used regularly.

All AD coaches will have a firm understanding of how to coach these core activities. Coaches of the AD teams will be observed during training sessions and matches on a regular basis by the AD Director to ensure that the philosophy of this program is being carried out and that the teams play reflect a possession based style of soccer.

Training sites include Cleves Park and Miami Whitewater Soccer Complex.

Academy Elite Divisions teams will train 2-3 times per week.
Spring-beginning in late Feb and continuing through late May / early June.
Fall-beginning in late July and continuing through November (depending on tournament schedule).

Goalkeepers will receive position based training outside of team training. This cost is included in the team fee.












Academy Elite Division Teams typically play in the First Division of CUSL, CUSL TPL, Buckeye Premier League, OSSL, and / or MRL.

Some travel for league matches and tournaments is to be expected.

Teams will participate in tournaments selected by the Academy Division Director of Soccer and the team coach.