Spring 2021 Tournaments

CWSC G04 Adrenaline (Greco) were Champions in the Warren County College Invitational Tourney!

CWSC G09 United Red (Stuard) were Division Champs in the Spring Blast!

Fall 2020 Tournaments

CWSC B11 Academy Elite (Torrence) were Champions in the Blue Chip Invitational!!!

CWSC B11 Academy Elite (Torrence) were Finalists in Gold Division in the Cincy Challenge!!!

CWSC G06 United Black (Asmus) were Champions in Gold Division in the Cincy Challenge!!!

CWSC B07 Academy Elite (Bastin) were Champions in the top flight at the Midwest Classic!!!

CWSC G09 Academy Elite (Offutt) were Champions in the Labor Day 2020 Festival  In Warren County!!! 

CWSC G06 United Black (Asmus) were Champions in the Kings Hammer Crown Challenge!!!

Fall 2019 Tournaments

CWSC B07  Academy Elite (Bastin) were Champions in the  Gorilla Cup!

CWSC G07 Dynamite (Offutt) were Champions of the Gorilla Cup!

CWSC G10 United Red (Kisor) were Finalists in the CWSC Gorilla  Cup!

CWSC G08 United Black (Zinser) were Champions in the Black Division of the Gorilla Cup!

CWSC G07 Academy Red (Reed) were Finalist in the CWSC Gorilla Cup!

CWSC B08 Academy Elite (Winer) were Champions in the CWSC Gorilla  Cup!

CWSC B11 Academy Elite (Torrence) were Finalists in the CWSC Gorilla  Cup!

CWSC G10 Academy Elite (Logsdon) were Champions of the Coerver Futsal Tournament!

CWSC G07 Academy Red (Reed) were Champions in the St Louis Scott Gallagher Girls Fall Classic & College Showcase!

CWSC B06 Academy Elite (Guidroz) were Champions in the BSA Haunted Classic!

CWSC G07 Academy Red (Marc Reed) were Champions in the Bronze Division of the Blue ChipTournament!

CWSC G07 Academy Elite (Esterkamp) were Champions in the Gold Division of the  Blue Chip Invitational!

CWSC G09 Academy Elite (Dotson) Finalists in The Cincy Challenge!

CWSC G07 Academy Elite (Esterkamp) were Finalists in the CU Bradford CUP Tournament!

CWSC G06 Sharks (Weismiller) were Champions in the Party on the Pitch Tournament!

CWSC G10 United Red (Kisor) were Champions in the silver division in the Party on the Pitch Tournament!

CWSC B06 Academy Elite (Guidroz) were Finalists in the Party on the Pitch Tournament!

CWSC G07 Dynamite (Offutt) were Finalists in the Bronze Division of the Party on the Pitch Tournament!

Spring 2019 Tournament

CWSC G02 Impact (Stuard) were Finalist in the Gold Division of the Adidas Warrior Soccer Classic!

CWSC G04 Adrenaline (Greco) were Champions in Beavercreek Classic!

CWSC G05 United Red (Foster) were Champions in the Gold Bracket of the Epic Cup tournament!   

CWSC G09 Academy Elite (Dotson) were Finalists in the Puma Turf Classic!

CWSC G04 Academy Elite (Dotson) won the Kings Hammer Gateway Showcase!

CWSC G04 Academy Elite (Dotson) won the Crossroads of America College Showcase!

CWSC G10 Academy Elite (Logsdon) won the Red Division of the  Kings Hammer Cincinnati Elite Spring Thaw!

CWSC G08 Academy Elite (Pagoni) were Champions in the Blue Division of the 2019 Cincinnati Elite Spring Thaw!

CWSC G04 United Red (Logsdon) won the  White Division of Turf Classic!

CWSC G10 Academy Elite (Logsdon) won the U9 Premiere Division of Nike Cup!


CWSC G08 Academy Elite (Pagoni) were Finalists in the Premier Division of the Club Ohio Nike Challenge Cup Tournament!

CWSC G06 United Red (Neumaier) won the U13 silver bracket of the MASC  Tournament!

CWSC G08 United Red (Reichling) were Finalist in the MASC Tournament!

CWSC G03 United Red (Shoemaker) won the Ohio Galaxies College Showcase!

CWSC G08 Academy Elite (Pagoni) were Finalists of the U12 Gold Division of the CWSC Soccerfest! 

CWSC G08 United Red (Reichling) were Champion in the CWSC Soccerfest!

CWSC G04 Academy Elite (Dotson) won the Gold Division of the CWSC Soccerfest!

CWSC G08 United White (Gresham)  were Finalists the Gold Division of the CWSC Soccerfest! 

CWSC G04 United Red (Logsdon) won the  Gold Division of the CWSC Soccerfest! 

CWSC B05 Academy Elite  (Kremer) won the  Gold Division of the CWSC Soccerfest! 

Fall 2018 Tournament

CWSC G03 United Red (Shoemaker) were Champions in the Gateway College Showcase!!!

CWSC G07 Academy Elite (Esterkamp) were Champions in the Haunted Classic!!!

CWSC G06 United White (Martin) were...

Spring 2018 Tournament

CWSC B03 Academy Elite (Guidroz) were Champions of Cincinnati Memorial Day Showcase!!!

CWSC G01 United Red (Dotson) were Champions in Gold Division Adidas Warrior!!!

G00 Celtics (Dotson) were...

Fall 2017 Tournament

CWSC B08 United Red (Winer) were Champions the second division of the CUP Fall Finale!!!

CWSC G05 United Black (Kallmeyer) were Finalists in the Nightmare at the Rock Tournament!!!

CWSC G05 Red...

Spring 2017 Tournament

CWSC Academy Elite G01 (Hess) were Champions in the 2017 Region II President's Cup in Overland Park, KS!!! 

CWSC Academy Elite G01 (Hess) were Champions in the 2017 OSYSA President's Cup!!! They are...

Fall 2016 Tournament

Girls CWSC Red Dragons 08 (Reichling) were finalists in the Haunted Classic  Tournament!!!

Girls CWSC United Red Lions 07 (Vaught) were Champions in the  Siege at St. Francis Fall Soccer...

Spring 2016 Tournament

CWSC Boys U-16 Tigers (Todd) were Champions in the CWSC SoccerFest Tournament!!!

CWSC Boys U-14 Academy Elite (Combs) were Champions of the CWSC SoccerFest Tournament!!!

CWSC Boys U-14 Crush...

Fall 2015 Tournament

CWSC Girls U-17 Venice United (Sheehan) were Champions of the Metro Fc Fall Showcase!!! 

CWSC Girls U-09 White Lightening (Kibat) were Champions of the White Division at the Midfest Soccer Classic!!!


Fall 2010 - Spring 2015


CWSC Girls U-15 Twisters (Hatfield) were Champions in BPYSL Premier 1 Division!!!

CWSC Girls U-15 Heat (Warman) were Champions in BPYSL Elite 2 Division!!!

CWSC Girls U-14 Chill...

Fall 2019


CWSC B08 Academy Elite  (Winer) Won  Division 1 of GCSL.  The team went 6-0 with (25) goals for and only (8) against us.  Of the six games, three were won by just a single goal. 








Spring 2019 League
















Fall 2018 League

CWSC B08 United Red (Winer) are Champions in Division 2 of the  GCSL (5-0-1)!!!

CWSC B07 United Red (Banschbach) came in 2nd in GCSL Division 3!!!

CWSC 05 United Black (Kallmeyer) tied for 1st in...

Spring 2018 League

CWSC G00 CELTICS (Dotson) finished first in Buckeye State Division with a record of 5-0-1 and only 2 goals against!!!

CWSC Elite B03 Boys (Guidroz) finished first in Buckeye Premier 1 Division with a...

Fall 2017 League

CWSC B07 Academy Elite (McDonald) Champions in GCSL Division 2!!!

CWSC B08 United Red (Winer) Champions in GSCL!!!

CWSC G05 United Black (Kallmeyer) Champions in GCSL Division 1!!!

Spring 2017 League

CWSC Girls Fusion 01 (Kibat) - Champions in GCSL Division 2!!!

CWSC Adrenaline 04 (Greco) - Champions Division 4!!!

CWSC United Black 05 (Kallmeyer) - Champions GCSL Division 2!!!

CWSC United Red...

Fall 2016 League

Girls U13 CWSC Adrenaline 04 (Greco) were League Champions in Division 1 8-0!!!

Girls U09 CWSC Red Dragons 08 (Reichling) were League Champions in GCSL!!!

Spring 2016 League

CWSC Boys U-14 Crush (Pechiney) Buckeye Premier 2 Champions!!!

CWSC Boys U-14 Force (Neumaier) CUSL Div 2 Undefeated Champions!!!

CWSC Girls U-16  Redhawks (Essen)  CUSL Div 1 Co-Champions!!!


Fall 2015 League

CWSC Girls U12 Adrenaline (Greco) were Champions in CUSL 8v8 Division 2 !!!

CWSC Girls U12 Thunder (Sucher) placed 2nd in CUSL Division 3!!!

CWSC Boys U14 Crush were Champions in CUSL Division 1...