The Director of Coaching, Director of Player Development and the CWSC training staff run tryouts with our CWSC coaches assisting and evaluating players at the appropriate age group.  While players are encouraged to compete vigorously and do their best, the staff and coaches make the ‘tryout atmosphere’ as relaxed as possible so players are comfortable.  The Director of Coaching, our training staff and coaches all collaborate to evaluate each player, with the specific age group coaches putting together the rosters with input from the Director of Coaching.  Coaches will notify all players, inviting players on teams within the next week after the final tryout session for each age group. We will attempt to place all players at our tryouts on a team in CWSC.

The goal of the club is to develop players to their fullest potential and desire.  Each player will be placed in an environment to maximize learning and development. This means that player movement between teams is encouraged, because at different stages of their development, players will benefit from different levels of speed and intensity in regards to training.  It is important that players train and compete against other players of like focus and ability to ensure a proper rate of individual player and team development. However, CWSC does not force players to move up to the next level team should they be selected to do so through the tryout process.  The decision to move forward to a higher level team is totally up to the player and her/his parents. Regardless of placement, every CWSC player receives appropriate training based upon his or her developmental needs.

For any questions about our tryouts, contact our Director of Coaching, Kevin Spraul