Conducted by the Director of Coaching, CWSC training staff, and selected coaches

Deciding on a club? Please read about Ohio South's Player's Right to Choose. Keep in mind Clubs cannot "Require that a player immediately commits to joining that team, club or association of teams at the conclusion of the tryouts." (18.3.5). You have time to look around, consider your options, attend other club tryouts, and the right to choose your club and team, so come visit us at Cincinnati West Soccer Club to see what we have to offer. You will be impressed. With over 60 teams, join the over 700 other CWSC players and families that come back year after year to CWSC because of our player, team, and family-friendly philosophy.

Player check-in 30 minutes prior to your session.

CWSC Supplemental Tryouts are to fill open spots on CWSC teams.   

U15-U19 (2007-2003) who are new to CWSC should still register even though they will not be trying out and they should contact our Executive Director: to set up a time and date in November to attend a training session with one of our High School aged teams. 

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